The Natural Life Foundation Supports Research, Education, and Awareness For Proven Non-traditional Drug Addiction Treatments

Opiate Withdrawal

The Natural Life Foundation is dedicated to helping end the devastation the disease of addiction causes families through research and promotion of natural non-traditional treatments.

Your donations save lives. Here’s how.

Addiction is an urgent public health crisis in our country. 196 children, siblings, and loved ones die from drug overdoses every day. The Natural Life Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes families.


We’re focused on a specific goal: To help fix America’s broken addiction treatment system and educating the public and addiction rehabilitation health care providers about proven non-traditional natural treatments. Your donations help us work to make sure that every American with a substance use disorder has access and knowledge to treatment that includes the use of holistic natural programs . Better holistic addiction treatment means we can help save more lives. It’s that simple.

Every dollar you donate is carefully used to support research, education, and key initiatives that will have a big impact on preventing overdose deaths and promoting long-term recovery.